Friday, May 03, 2013

Stuck in a rut

I joined the Ward of Misfit Toys about two years ago.  I've made some great changes in my life since then, especially in the last 4 months.

On Easter, or Bishop gave a great talk in a combined Priesthood/Relief Society meeting.  In it, he talked about how many of us are stuck in a rut in our lives.

Already in 2013, I've started a new job, bought a car, and moved out of Salt Lake County for the first time in my life (except my mission).  Yet, his words still strike home.

Yes, I know that I'm in a dating rut.  Maybe I should just do the opposite of everything I've been doing (which isn't much -- but the job, car, and move are helping some of that), but something else needs to change.

Technically, I've moved out of my ward boundaries.  Then again, the isn't technically a Misfit Toys Ward to join in Davis County.  I have several options:

1) Stay in the ward I'm in now.  I mentioned to my Bishop at FHE that I've moved to Farmington.  His response? "I'll pretend I didn't hear that."  He then laughed when someone else said that I said I liked farming .. a ton.  I love my Bishop.  I also love the people in the ward.  Yet I feel like maybe they represent the "old" me, that I need to move on, and that I have served the Lord's purposes in being there.  I'd probably still attend activities, but we'll see.

2) Attend another Ward of Misfit Toys.  There is a ward that accepts Davis County residents.  However, I seem to have a stupor of thought when it comes to attending this ward.  I'll probably still check it out one of these weeks.

3) Attend the local family ward.  6 months ago, this was in no way an option for me.  However, this is a very distinct possibility -- there is a Davis County midsingles group that has a lot of activities, so I would still get some social aspects.  Plus, it means I don't have to drive to Salt Lake to church.

So, those are the options.  It is a matter of prayer and fasting.

In any case, I plan to update this blog much more often.