Thursday, March 08, 2007

James E Faust: Dating "sacred"

"Occasionally someone suggests it be appropriate to have a computer dating program set up under church auspices, or some kind of marriage search committee set up so that the Church could more directly be involved in marriage partner selection. My response to such suggestions is that the selection process for eternal companions is so sacred that no one can or should intrude into the making of these choices except the individuals themselves, who should assume and bear the responsibility with divine guidance, parental counsel, and in some cases if necessary the help of a wise bishop."

-"The Odyssey to Happiness," in Speeches of the Year: BYU Devotional and Ten-Stake Fireside Addresses, 1974. 1975, 325

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is Dating Like Voting?

There have been two things on my mind alot lately: Dating and Politics. I've decided the two are very similar.

The list of candidates is large. Some characteristics of the candidates are such that you automatically disqualify them. Others have many qualities you like, but some you dislike. It is near impossible to find the perfect candidate. Weeding through the candidates can be very time consuming. Some candidates spend way too much money trying to woo you.

Oh, and many people are way too apathetic towards the process.