Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Enjoyable Dates

I've been thinking recently about Shauns last few posts, and about my own dating situation.

It seems like, instead of asking a girl on a date and then planning to do something that she might enjoy, why not plan to do something you enjoy doing, then invite a girl to join you in the activity?



Adriana said...

That's precisely what I was telling my guy friends on Sunday. I was trying to convince them that a date shouldn't be such a big deal, neither should it be considered as something scary. But I failed miserably.

Brother and Sister McLay said...

A very fine point, indeed. No need to attract a girl to a you that doesn't exist. If you're not a "popcorn and movie" kind of a guy, then kick it. Break out the tickets to the next Trekkie Expo and invite her go as your Deanna Troi. Connect your computers and play Warcraft. Take her to the club where you recite poetry that doesn't rhyme. Watch a favorite TV show (though, be sure you actually TALK to her throughout the evening). Point being: if there's someone like you who thoroughly enjoys whatever you enjoy...then there's gonna be a few fine young lady-lambs that adore very similar interests.

And, Bob...thank you for your comment on our blog. It made me cry.

Hang in there, boys. Dating is like CSI. It wouldn't entertain nearly as much without the mystery. (Of course, this is assuming that CSI actually ENTERTAINS on some level, dead bodies, and stuff). Oh, whatever. You get the idea.