Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holding back

Today I got the distinct impression that one of the big problems these days is that everyone holds back.

I hold back when someone shows interest and I'm not that interested. I keep talking to others and I keep seeing them hold back.

I'm not making it for going on a date this week. Tomorrow is the end of the 7 days I declared and I have gone on no date. When I want to ask someone new out, I hold back, lest I scare them off.

Last week I tried asking someone out and she declared herself busy all this week. This resulted in the general cooling I notice from many of the women I try to ask out. Holding back...

When I meet new people I find I have little to say to make conversation. So I say nothing. Holding back...

I think the next thing I need to work on is not holding back. I can't expect others to improve on this until I stop holding back.


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