Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Years ago, I was having a conversation with a female friend of mine who was having guy trouble.

The trouble was that the guy wasn't calling her.

It's a problem that I think may come from genetics. It doesn't matter whether it's calling to ask for a date, calling after a date, or just calling to say hi, we guys seem to have a problem.

It's a problem that frustrates the girls, which then frustrates the guys.

What can be done?


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Cliff said...

Bob, I thought I would pass on the evolutionary physiology of the gender role.

Dawinism changed from survival of the fittest to “selected for reproductive advantage” sometime in the fifties when sociobiology was over come by psychology - a softer more fanciful science if you can call it that.

It breaks down like this:
Women pass on their genes by insuring the survival of the few progeny they can mother. This explains the transformation that overcomes them when they have children. Money, security, all for status takes over High status children have a higher survival rate in the village. Since the male parental investment to raise a human baby is higher than any other mammalian species, the stickiness of the man is critical. The father of the baby is another story. In the ancestral environment we did not know sex led to babies.

For the male it is about insemination. Our gender plays the numbesr. We are serial monogamous. We were effectively rapist until women developed concealed ovulation at which point we became the only species that did not know when the female was ovulating (in heat).

Then, we re-selected for men who obsessed on one woman and banged her every night thus increasing the 1:24/days odds of a rapist to 1:1 odds.

Then we selected a little more to like babies and stuck around for a few years till the child could run away from small animals and wild cats.

Then we went on to the next obsession.