Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Rules

I was all set to give this blog a big push-off on January 1, get the ball rolling with a flurry of posts. As it is, we aren't starting off with much of a bang. I have found a second poster, my friend Shaun. However, I wanted this to be from the perspective of both genders, so if you are a lady (or could even be accused of being one), drop me an e-mail at bobiscookiemonster AT yahoo DOT com.

At a later point, Shaun and I will introduce ourselves. For the time being, I'll post some ground rules for regular posters and commenters.

1. All posts and comments will be rated PG at the worst. Remember, this is a (future) family blog.

2. All ad revenue will be spent on advertising for this blog. All posters will have a free link to any other blogs they contribute to.

3. All posters will be fully honest with the readers. All experiences and feelings will be true.

4. To respect the identity of anyone whom we might date, all names and other identification will be changed.

Any others you can think of?



Shaun said...

Sounds good Bob. So when do we introduce ourselves?

Bob said...

go for it. I'll introduce myself a litlle later.