Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shaun aka Super Nerd

I talked to Bob today about whether I should just jump in and do my introduction post. His attitude was that of "eh... Why not?". Besides, what better time than a quarter to midnight to describe myself?

I would dare say I am fully qualified to post to this blog as I find women to be a mystery which I partly blame on the fact that I never had sisters and my poor mom had three of us boys. I am however less qualified in that I can't say I know how to really clarify the mysteries of man.

I have had some women ask me what my "type" is. Of which I would prefer the type be a boolean value signifying male or female, to which I can happily respond that I am type male. The more frustrating thing has been when someone has tried to really probe into my mind and question me as to what I find attractive only to find circular reasoning and contradiction which always reflects badly on myself. I do not have a grand unified theory of attraction.

The moral of this? The Mysteries of Man and Woman are an art. If they were understood well enough to be a science the programmers would have figured it out and we'd all be happily married (the programmers at least).

Here I am, Shaun, 23, Nerd (in a good way), and particularly untalented at being single. If you ever want to get a better sense of who I am and what I do and think about, take a look at my personal blog, Life of a Hacker.

Perhaps next time I can share the theories of not-veto and its application to my dating life. It should be interesting.


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Cliff said...

I know what turns me on; a democrat with Drupal CSS skills. Make me a new dress baby!:)