Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back in the game

I've been thinking of getting this blog going again for a while. Then, there was motivation to start posting again. Motivation times two.

The first motivation is the fact that I've jumped back into the dating game again. The second motivation is that, well, I'm jumping back into the dating game again.

But, more on that in another post.

However, I really want to have this blog be what I wanted it to be when I first started talking about it in late 2005 -- a blog written by several different (semi) regular writers about our dating lives, where we help each other learn the mysteries of man.

However, I can't go this alone. My cofounder (and only contributor) Shaun got married a year ago. I'll keep him on as a special adviser/"expert" if he wants to stick around. (yes, normal people would ask first, but I'm not normal people.

So, I need some writers. Some ground rules:

1. All posts and comments will be rated PG at the worst. Remember, this is a (future) family blog.

2. All posters will have a free link to any other blogs they contribute to.

3. All posters will be fully honest with the readers. All experiences and feelings will be true.

4. To respect the identity of anyone whom we might date, all names and other identification will be changed. (you can set it up so that you can delay when things will get posted. I plan delaying my date-specific posts.)

So, if you would like to be a writer around these parts, email me at


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