Saturday, February 10, 2007

How much do you do?

A few weeks ago I had three dates in one week. When questioned about it I pointed out that it was a non-representative spike in dating activity. I see myself slipping back into my quarterly dating I was doing before.

Oddly enough there are always things that get in the way. Here are a few of my favorites.
  • Bills came due, I'm broke the rest of the week.
  • I forget to call until it's after 10:00. Oops, maybe tomorrow...
  • She's "busy".
  • I'm "busy".
  • Friday/Saturday night Relief Society activities.
  • I realize I'm interested days before she moves out of the country.

There's one more thing we need to address. There are alot of people that can't date me. It's just the way it is.

The biggest thing I avoid is someone who has any shows they just have to watch. For me TV is a waster of minds. It encourages sedentary behavior and dependence on external sources for entertainment.

The moral of this post?

If you're not interested say that instead of "busy".
If there's a relief society activity it might be OK to go on a date instead.
If you want me to like you, don't watch TV.

Is that so hard?

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