Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Determining interest

The topic of trying to figure out if a girl is interested has come up recently. In response to Bob's previous post I have the following to suggest...

Time spent wondering if someone likes you is time wasted.
-- Byron (paraphrase)

Ask and you either, A- find out she likes you too, or B- find out she's not interested and are thus free to get moving on finding someone who is interested.

If a girl isn't interested nothing will magicly change about that. You don't have agonize over it for long periods of time leaving yourself emotionally messed up when you finally do come to a conclusion.

Besides, you will never be in a proper relationship with someone unless you talk about what it is you are doing. Believe me, I definitely wish DTR only stood for Data Transmit Ready, but such is not the case...

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